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Innovative solutions that put insurance professionals at its core.

Revolutionise insurance with a full-featured administration system and multi-quoting platform that integrates across the entire value chain.

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Navigate the complex insurance landscape with confidence.

Siyaya Cloud 360
Siyaya Multi-Quoting Platform

Digitally transforming insurance one valuable feature at a time.

Our platforms unite to offer optimised and streamlined ways of working to insurance professionals at every level, offering a single view of operations while streamlining complex tasks.

Removing Silos.

The innovative Siyaya Cloud 360 “sync” capability enables insurers to sync data in real-time and bi-directionally with brokers that also use Siyaya Cloud 360.

Localised functionality.

Siyaya Cloud 360 has signed-off products for brokers to onboard clients rapidly and handles local complexities like SASRIA, debit orders, embedded VAPs and more.

Going the extra mile.

Non-administration capabilities benefit brokers and call centres while Cloud 360’s APIs can be used to offer digital experiences such as sales and self-service websites, apps and chatbots.

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Tailor managed support, security and backup solutions and get an instant quote, discounts, benefits and more!

Your Digital
Transformation Partner.

We are Digital Transformation Specialists with expertise in designing and implementing cutting-edge ICT ecosystems that are tailor-made for your business’s current and future requirements.


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