Expertly curated solutions and consulting services for all your advanced technology needs

Our team of experts are trained and trusted to solve critical and complex business requirements and challenges. 



Disruptive thought leadership combined with world-class “out of the box” innovative thinking to best guide you to a tailored outcome

Consulting services include:

  • Digital strategy.
  • Growth hacking.
  • Complex problem solving.
  • Global trends and opportunities.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Business models.
  • User onboarding.
  • Revenue stream maximisation.
  • Thought leadership.


Uniquely curated technology solutions, breaking the mould to achieve exceptional outcomes for your business.

Innovation platform built on three blocks:

  • Connected data
  • Unified information
  • Augmentation and machine intelligence

Value-Added benefits include:

  • Beyond limits innovator of strategies and solutions.
  • Solutions are easily integrated into your existing IT ecosystem.
  • Innovative digital disruption through our data science and analytics expertise.
  • Tailored and relevant solutions are scalable, smart and connected.
  • Solutions provide meaningful insights and right time actions.
  • Federated data strategy allies for a single location.
  • Easy deployable developed solutions, saving money and time.
  • Outside-in problem-solving technique.
  • Disruptive solutions create competitive advantages for our clients.
  • Solutions include the transfer of skills to employees.


Bringing ‘Silicon Valley’ to your doorstep

Our key differentiator in the marketplace is our INNOVATIVE CULTURE.

  • Open source and proprietary software solutions and development for Supply Chain Management, ERP, Grantmaking, Business Intelligence, document. management, Time Recording and Call Tracking 
  • Bespoke software development and integration. 
  • Enterprise Web Information Content, SAAS (Software As a Service), IAAS (Infrastructure As a Service) Solutions.
  • Data intelligence solutions.
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence solutions – (machine learning, big data).
  • Corporate innovation.
  • Ideation and concept development.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Proof of Concept testing. 
  • Co-creation process options.
  • Product development. 
  • Product growth management.